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CLIENT:  Gippsland Water


The Drouin WWTP is a lagoon-based plant which services the town of Drouin, located approximately 100 km east of Melbourne. Rapid growth is projected in the area requiring the capacity of the treatment plant to be augmented and, due to the buffer distance requirements associated with a larger lagoon treatment plant, it will not be possible to expand the existing mode of treatment.


Switchboard Design and Construct, overall electrical installation including Wiring Commissioning and Software programming of the following. 

  • Modifications to existing inlet screens and tie-in to existing plant downstream of existing inlet works

  • 2 No. fine screens for MBR plant flows (consists of band screens in concrete channels, with wash presses  and a common screenings bin)

  • 2 No. bioreactors 

  • 3 No. membrane tanks (each with space for 20 No. membrane cassettes)

  • Blower building housing 3 No. aeration blowers (bioreactor) and 3 No. air scour blowers (membrane) (but with room for 2 additional blowers), compressed air system and switch room

  • Mixed liquor, A-Recycle and WAS pumping stations

  • Permeate tank, permeate  pumps, service water chlorine contact tank, service water pumps 

  • Chemical dosing building housing caustic, PFS, sodium hypochlorite and citric acid tanks and dosing equipment

  • Sludge dewatering and disposal system comprising

  • 2 No. WAS storage tank (as part of bioreactor structure)

  • 2 No. sludge dewatering screw presses

  • Sludge conveyors and sludge bins

  • Polymer storage, make-up and dosing system

  • Sludge dewatering building housing a switch room, polymer dosing and sludge dewatering equipment

  • Odour control system including 2 No. activated carbon filters (with space for a future bio trickling filter if required)

  • Administration building including control room, amenities, meeting room and storeroom

  • Transformer and backup generator

  • Site services – power, lighting, compressed air, sewage, potable water, stormwater drainage, service water, fire water

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