Specialised manufacturing

tile-specialised-manufacturingCEI Services Pty Ltd has experience in specialised manufacturing of switchgear assemblies both to CEI Services approved designs and client supplied drawings for a wide variety of projects for various clients throughout Australia.

CEI Services provides manufacturing capabilities for construction and fitting of switchgear assemblies of any form of Segregation and Protection Rating as indoor and outdoor enclosures.


Manufactured to AS 3439.1 Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Gear Assemblies – Type Tested and Partially Type – Tested Assemblies.

Assemblies for Indoor: Minimum IP 54 to AS 1939, Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures for Electrical Equipment (IP Code).

Assemblies for Outdoor: Minimum IP 56

We offer :

as free standing, wall or post mounted.

All switchgear assemblies are factory acceptance tested (FAT) with client specified inspection and test points (ITP) in accordance with Quality Assurance to

AS/NZS ISO 9001:2010

Examples of capability are as follows :


Elsteel Modular Construction

Powder Coated Mild Steel Outdoor Construction

Orbital Sanded Brushed Aluminium Construction

Stainless Steel Construction