Information Technology, Process Control & Communications SCADA

CEI Services Pty Ltd has experience in development and implementation of Information Technology (IT), Process Control and Communications SCADA on a wide variety of projects for various clients throughout Australia. Our engineering ranges from light and power distribution through to fully designed treatment plants and pipeline pump stations incorporating latest technologies for motor control and process integration via programmable logic controllers (PLC), Operator Interface Panels, Remote Terminal Units (RTU) and SCADA communications.

PLC Programmable Logic Controller
CPU PLC Central Processing Unit
RTU Remote Terminal Unit
SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
OIP Operator Interface Panel
HMI Human Machine Interface
Operational location The physical location where operational changes can be made
Operational mode Refers to the specific mode of operation for a site
Control mode  Combination of the operational location and the operational mode
 Control function  Software control that enables or disables the control mode
 VSD  Variable Speed Drive

CEI Services has vast experience in process control and Communications SCADA across a wide variety of platforms and communications protocols.

These include but are not limited to :

Our systems integrators / software engineers are highly conversant with :

Sample of system integration