OH&S, Environment management systems

tile-ohs-safetyCEI Services Pty Ltd has experience in management of Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Return to Work Coordination and Environmental Management of a wide variety of projects for various clients throughout Australia. CEI Services policies provide and maintain a safe and healthy place of work for all employees and persons associated with our business.in recognising the importance attached to Workplace Health & Safety, and the need to establish clear goals and strategies to implement and monitor preventative programs, practices, and responsibilities.


Our objective is to comply with all provisions of the Work Health & Safety Act, the Work Health & Safety Regulations, and relevant Australian Standards and approved Codes of Practices.

We make every reasonable effort in the area of accident and injury prevention by minimising hazards within our workplace in order to prevent accidents from occurring.

We set achievable standards of safety for all persons to follow at all times and have developed safe systems of work and safety awareness throughout the business.

We ensure all supervisory staff are aware of and accept their responsibilities to provide a safe work environment.

We place great emphasis on ‘Duty of Care’ responsibilities and consultation with both our, and subcontract personnel.

We have Return to Work Coordination to ensure rehabilitation should the need arise.

We operate in a manner which protects the environment and the health of its employees and persons associated with the business.

We recognise the importance attached to all environmental issues, and have established clear goals and strategies to implement and monitor preventative programs, practices and responsibilities.

We comply with all environmental laws, regulations and permits, and employ strict internal standards to ensure compliance.

To comply with our policies, we assure our personnel are aware of the requirement of :

We are aware of, and comply, statutory requirements of other states following the Work Health and Safety Act and where state based licencing is a required.

To achieve this, we ensure that :

If a person is observed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they are prohibited from being on site until cleared for duty,

this includes, but is not limited to :

Our employed personnel are our greatest asset.